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Department of Homeopathy

Maintained By: Zenith Homoeopathic Foundation

Our Services

  • OPD starts at 10am and open up to 1pm except Sunday
  • Registration for opd starts at 9am
  • All types of chronic and acute diseases are treated by the group of experienced and renowned doctors
  • IPD will start shortly with 10 – 14 beds.First time in West Bengal in a private hospital.
  • We have fair price homoeopathic medicine shop in our Hospital.
  • Best quality of homoeopathic dilution , bio–chemic tablets, mother tincture and patents are available here from all leading homoeopathic brands from India, Germany and France.
  • Our Superspeciality Clinic starts at 2pm and open up to 8pm
  • Except Sunday
  • Expert and specialized doctors are at your service

Our Specialization

Child care

Joints pain / Arthritis

Asthma /Respiratory problem

Skin diseases

Neuro problem

Hair loss /Alopecia

Gastric trouble / Chronic gastritis

Female problem / Gynaecology

Urology & renal stone


Sexual diseases

Psychiatry / Counselling


Male dysfunction

Geriatric treatment

Hospital will be having 500 beds, 8 no.Operation Theatres and will be having inpatient treatment facility including all types of surgeries/procedures as prescribed by the OPD department. A full fledged in-house Canteen facility for the patient’s diet as well as for the visitors will be available.

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